All New Camry hybrid version is available

Jakarta ( Automotive Business News ) - Toyota All New Camry was launched not only to design a more elegant, yet friendly environment with a choice of engines including a hybrid variant.

PT Toyota Astra Motor offers better performance than previous versions but with a cheaper price quote Rp29 million to Rp30 million.

"All New Camry sedan is a dynamic future, supported by a more advanced engine, better performance, and environmentally friendly," said President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan, at the launch of the Toyota All New Camry in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Since its presence in Indonesia in 1998, recorded sales of Camry fantastic and stable as the market leader, with the achievements of 73 percent market share in 2012 or until the month of February has sold more than 20 thousand units.

The presence of all-new Camry is also a first for Toyota in Indonesia pinning Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. The technology is environmentally friendly and more fuel efficient than the conventional product which already exists. Toyota sedan called the product of the future.

Hybrid technology also brings silence when driving, supported by a smooth shift transmission.

Toyota All New Camry 2.5 presents three variants of HV (Hybrid Vehicle), 2.5 V and 2.5 G, the transmission is equipped with a CT system for HV variants and a six-speed sequential for other types.

In addition to better fuel economy 24 percent of the previous Camry, All New Camry is also focused on a higher power by 10 percent.

"In addition to hybrid, the engine itself was developed to be more efficient and more power is good," said Chief Engineer, Mr.Michihiko Sato after the launch.

Sato explained, All New Camry design was developed by Aero Dynamic, which shows the angles are sharper.

"The sides rather sharply so that the air flow more smoothly. That way, the car will run more stable and therefore contributes to the use of more fuel-efficient," he said.

The bottom of the car is also made more flat, it is also designed to not interfere with air flow.

Looks forward, elegant impression is reinforced by front LED display laampu.

When you sign in, luxury Toyota All New Camry was immediate. In real terms, this car is more spacious with a wide range of fittings and luxury features like being in a luxurious lounge.

Behind the front bench seat, there is a grip as the completeness of the passengers. Meanwhile, the surface of the seat that uses a high-class material makes it feel more integrated with the body.

Passenger cabin features top-class entertainment system with two Din Audio Video Navi with Green Edge 8 premium JBL Speakers, Rear Seat Controller features that allow passengers to set different features from the comfort of rear seat passengers to relax while enjoying the company of Rear Seat Relaxation System 3 Zone Air Conditioner.

"Comfort is felt in the car is also suitable for areas that are often plagued by congestion," said Sato.

There are seven shades of colors on offer, the White Pearl, Medium Silver Metallic, Silver Metallic, Beige Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic, Black Mica Attidute and True Blue.
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