Determined few keep up Mercury fight with Ford

More than two years after Ford Motor Co. announced it was killing the Mercury brand, some dealers are still fighting with the automaker over termination offers.

Ford says roughly 99 percent of the 1,712 Mercury dealerships in business at the time of Ford's June 2010 Mercury announcement have signed termination agreements. That's an increase from 98 percent last July, when 31 dealerships were unresolved.

Ford won't say precisely how many dealerships remain unsigned, describing it as "just a handful in some version of dispute resolution with the company."

"We're down to the last few, and we're just anxious to move forward," said Kevin Cour, Lincoln's sales and service manager.

The group of dealers battling Ford over what they describe as low-ball settlement offers continues to shrink. Three of at least four federal lawsuits filed against Ford as of last summer have been settled. The most recent resolution occurred in May, when Francis Scott Key L-M Inc. in Frederick, Md., agreed to settle.

Pete Adcock, owner of Francis Scott Key, confirmed a settlement but said he couldn't talk about it because of a confidentiality agreement.

Determined few keep up Mercury fight with Ford
Posted by — Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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