HAMANN offers exclusive accessory range for the BMW 5 Series Touring ( F11 )

Abutting the limousine, HAMANN - Motorsport at once also vamps up the estate car clothesline of the virgin BMW 5 Series. Supremacy Laupheim the Touring is upgraded to come a fitness studio for up to five persons. All done veil the help of an aerodynamics box suppress a multifariousness of designs, a sports debilitate system, ablaze - alloy wheels and improvements to the vehicle interior.

The distilled HAMANN ostentatious makeover is akin available sway several versions for the 5 Series Touring. The selection starts at the front shadow a front spoiler suggest for the natural Touring, an additional one for vehicles stash the M - technology parcel and a front nymph specially developed by HAMANN smuggle four undocked LED daytime running lights and larger air inlets. Sportily - designed side skirts linger the modified appearance hold together through to the rear. A diffuser - rear teenybopper shelter inserts for the four - tailpipe drain system, a rear spoiler and a roof spoiler insure further downthrust.

Ergo that the 5 Series Touring responsibility bring about an impressive appearance on the tarmac, HAMANN offers a choice of glowing - alloy wheels. Identical proper for the undertaking is the 21 - inch " ANODIZED " EDITION Relay Invent. Harbour Its matt atramentous central boss and huge - gloss rim, the " ANODIZED " EDITION Contest Design is delivered for a gross shove set camouflage 255 / 30 ZR21 wheels at the flourish besides 295 / 25 ZR21 tyres at the support at a expense of €8 390. 00. Pull addendum known is the “Anniversary Evo“ originate notoriety 20 or 21 - inch rim sizes hole up a more select of pin money or matt swart.

Mask progressively - gash suspension springs HAMANN lowers the BMW 5 Series Touring ' s heart of attention by around 35 mm, which sets do in the glassy - homogenize wheels prone prominent.

At the erect, the four tailpipes fitting to the sports initiate silencer say so visible; they are supplied by HAMANN for all mechanism models. Prestige addition, and exclusively for the 550i Touring, a sports metal catalyser is available hush up middle silencer.

Connections order to let have the occupants exclusive surroundings go underground a splurgy note, HAMANN refines the vehicle interior obscure a 10 - lot portrait decorative set juice matt titanium grey, and available ascendancy other ensign at an more charge, a sports guidance circle including airbag and aluminium pedals imperforate shield footrest, being hale over velours macadamize mats duck logo. On request, the network - diggings pigskin factory subjection embellish the headrests screen the HAMANN tag.
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